International Martial Art Games Committee Executive Board meeting was held at La Pineta Hotel, Carrara, Italy on October 31, 2019.
 Attended in the EB meeting were about 10 personalities including the EB members, leaders of International Federations and invited was Mayor of Cheboksary, Russia 
The EB meeting approved the agendas to be presented to the Congress, examined the EB member candidates to be elected and appointed chairpersons of the commissions.

Message from Secretary General


Dear friends!
On behalf of the IMGC Secretariat I extend warm greetings to all the member International Federations and the leaders of the National Martial Art Games Committee.
This year constitutes a meaningful trademark for us in the sense that we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of IMGC Foundation.

 The celebration events will be held in Pyongyang, capital of the DPR Korea where the IMGC HQs are located.

I am quite sure that the events will leave a deep and unforgettable remembrance upon the participants and provide with a significant occasion for the development of IMGC.
Confirming that I will do my best to organize all the events in high level to meet the whole IMGC members’ expectations, I hope to meet all of you, my dear friends who are making every possible efforts for the sound development and beautiful feature of the International Martial Art Movement.
IMGC is ready to welcome all of you.
Kim Myong Gun
IMGC Secretary General



The 8th International Martial Art Games  under Preparation

It is not long time until the 8th IMG begins in Carrara, Italy.

The 8th IMG Organizing Committee proceeds the preparation at the final stage in close touch with the Italian Foreign Ministry for the participant’s visa issue to attend the event without any problem.
The Organizing Committee continues technical contacts with the representatives of each Federation to organize their respective competitions.
At present about ten international martial art federations applied their participation to the 8th IMG thanks to the active efforts made by the local Organizing Committee and IMGC HQs.
In the International Taekwon-Do Federation(ITF) representative were appointed to deal with technical matters to hold the Taekwon-Do competition and World Federation of Kowat Alarmi & Self Defence plan to organize the World Cup Championship during the 8th IMG.
World Jiu-Jistu Confederation President Dr. Paul G. Hoglund who is Vice-President of IMGC and a local Organizing Committee member push forward the preparation processes with the information package distributing to member organizations through the World Jiu-jistu Federation and the Indian Martial Art Games Federation  President Dr. SM. Rajendran Balan activates to prepare his team athletes by suggesting to the ITF to organize the color belt Taekwon-Do competition.
Besides World Judo Federation, World Pahuyuth Federation and World Muay Federation applied to participate and push ahead with their preparation.
The last 7th IMG held in Belarus in which three thousand and two hundred athletes took part from 72 countries but according to the OC it is expected that about five thousand athletes  from 104 countries participate to this 8th IMG.
At the invitation of the 8th IMG Organizing Committee in Italy IMGC HQs delegation headed by Secretary General Kim Myong Gun will visit Italy in August and elaborate constructive program for the successful event with the local organizers.
The 8th IMG held from Oct. 30 to Nov. 3, in Carrara, Italy will be one of the grand worldwide gatherings which will contribute to the strengthening of the friendship, unity and cooperation among all the martial artists.



                            Brief News

Prof. Ri Yong Son, President of IMGC sent a congratulation message to Mikhail Korlvart, Executive Member of IMGC and President of Estonian Nation Martial Art Union with regards to his election as City Mayor of Tallinn.

Mangyongdae Prize National Martial Art Championship for Celebrating the Day

of the Sun


Mangyongdae  Prize   National Martial Art Cham pionship  was held  at the Taekwon-Do  Palace  in Pyongyang, DPR Korea  from   April 9th to 19th.
About five hundred men and women athletes selected  from  twenty units including    every local athletes   groups  participated in this championship.
Taekwon-Do, Paduk(GO), Wushu and other disciplines competed for each championships.
This event for celebrating the Day of the Sun pro vided with an important opportunity to the strong promotion of the martial art development throughout the country.


16th South & West India Open ITF Taekwon-do Championship

The 16th South & West India Open ITF Taekwon-Do Championship was held successfully at Chamundi Vihar Indoor Stadium, Mysuru from 19   to 21  July 2019.

The event witnessed a total participation of 563 members including the officials from 8 States of India. 




28 Dec. 2017

The 7th International Martial Arts Games

 held in Minsk, Belarus


The 7th International Martial Arts Games took place in Minsk, Belarus from 28th November to 4th December 2017 amid the great expectations and attentions of all the Martial Artists across the world, which were promoted by the International Martial Art Games Committee(IMGC).

On 1st December 2017, the opening ceremony was held in the Minsk Olympic Arena in the presence of high level officials of the Belarusian Government including H.E. Mr. Alexander Shamko, the Minister of Sport and Tourism, and Prof. RI Yong Son, the IMGC President.

Following the welcoming speeches addressed by the Minister of Sport & Tourism and Vice President of the Executive Committee of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), Prof. RI Yong Son offered his sincere gratitude to the Belarusian Government as well as to all Minsk citizens for their tremendous contributions to the success of the event and proclaimed this festival open.

The opening ceremony was presented with the colorful performances by the Belarusian artists along with the athletes of several martial arts disciplines.

The most impressive and excited moment at the opening ceremony was, of course, the performance taken by the DPR Korean Taekwon-Do Demonstration Team which had attracted the hearts and minds of the spectators in the stadium with their respective perfections in skills and techniques.

This event was attended by 3200 competitors, coaches and umpires from 16 Martial Arts Federations (International Taekwon-Do Federation, World Karate Confederation, World Muay Federation, World Pangration Athlima Federation, World Panamateur Kickboxing Federation, International Jendo Federation, World Judo Federation, World Jiu-Jitsu Federation, World Kowat Alrami & Self-Defense Federation, International Federation of Tai Chi Chuan Federation, International Self-Defense Organization, World Mixed Martial Art Association, International Oriental Martial Art Federation, World Pahayuth Federation and so on ) of 71 countries throughout the world and it was of the best opportunity for all the Martial Artists over the world to bring the unity and cohesion between themselves through its differences in  the richness of martial arts culture of mankind. 

Prior to those events, the IMGC Enlarged Executive Board Meeting and the 9th IMGC Congress were held on 29th and 30th November this year respectively which were all presided over by Prof. RI Yong Son, the IMGC President and  ITF.  




7th IMG


Dear friends,

We (IMGC Information Department) are happy to inform you that the 7th International Martial Arts Games will be taking place in Minsk, Belarus from 29 November – 4 December drawing interests of the world martial artists.

In order to ensure a successful staging of the Games, IMGC Information Department will regularly brief you by email on the progress of the work that the IMGC HQs and the Minsk O.C. are doing with martial arts organizations that intend to participate in the 7th IMG. 

We hope that IMGC EB Members, IMGC member Ifs & NMGCs, and other international martial art organizations inform both the IMGC HQs and the Minsk O.C. in time of all the 7th IMG-related matters.




Information on the 7th IMG (No. 4)


Preparations for the 7th IMG in Minsk, Belarus are in full swing.

Dr. Paul G. Hogland, president of the World Jiujitsu Confederation (WJJC), is pressing ahead with the technical arrangements of ensuring necessary facilities for the competition (tatami, screen, etc), accommodation for athletes and officials, and others. He is working in close liaison with the Minsk O.C. at present.

The World Pangration Athlima Federation (WPAF) unanimously decided on May 7, 2017 at its General Assembly in Moscow to organize its traditional International Pangration Tournament called “Cup Gold Hat” in the framework of the 7th IMGC Games. Accordingly, it informed IMGC HQs of its two contacts in Russia and Belarus; those are Vladimir Stepkin(Russia), vice-president of the WPAF and president of the Russian  Pankration Federation, and Mr. Aleksandr Valdaitsev(Belarus), president of the Referee Committee of the WPAF, general secretary of the Belarusian Pankration Federation.

The International Sports Kung Fu Federation (ISKF) is proactive in inviting many of its member countries to the Minsk IMG. The Federation has so far ascertained that Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kuwait and India teams could participate. Apart from them, it is trying to contact Kung Fu units of other countries.

According to the report from the World Federation of Kowat Alrami and Self-defence (WFKA), Mr. Nizar Taleb, international coordinator of the WFKA, has started coordinating with the O.C. for all requirements needed for the 7th IMG participation.

The World Muay Federation (WMF) reported that, following the confirmation of the European Muay Championship for the 7th IMG, its preparation was underway in liaison with the Minsk O.C. by Ms Gabriela Murg, executive vice-president of the WMF and president of the European Muay Confederation (EMC), and Mr. Antonio Krauss, general secretary of the WMF. 22 countries expressed their interest to attend, it reported.

Dr. Walid Toufic Kassas, president of the WFKA, and GM. Gyan Prakash Tripathi, president of the ISKF, expressed their intentions to attend in person the Torch-lighting Ceremony in Pyongyang which would herald the beginning of the 7th IMG. Besides, Alexandros Strofylas, PhD., general secretary of the Hellenic Muay Federation and lieutenant colonel of the Greek Army expressed his intention of sending a representative to honor the ceremony.


Yours in Martial Art


Information Department



Information on the 7th IMG (No. 3)


The arrangements for their involvement in the 7th IMG are proceeding in high gear in the International Jendo Federation (IJF) and the National Martial Arts Games Committee Philippines (NMGC Philippines).  

According to Ms. Teresita Biscaro, general secretary of the IJF and president of the Jendo Philippines Association, the IJF and the Jendo Philippines Association decided to hold the IJF International Open Jendo & Arnis Championships and the Seminar Workshop for Jendo & Arnis Referees, Judges and Coaches during the IMGC Games in Minsk.

For this sake, the IJF invited its Jendo & Arnis teams from Nepal and Iran federations to Philippines for a Jendo & Arnis training and seminar.

The Jendo & Arnis teams from the United States and Italy are also preparing for the Games.

At present the IJF is busy communicating with other members from other country like India, Egypt and others.

Besides, the Philippine ITF Taekwon-Do Union, a member of the NMGC Philippines was invited to send its team to the 7th IMG.


Yours in Martial Art


Information Department



Information on the 7th IMG (No. 2)


The World Karate Confederation (WKC) is accelerating its preparatory work of organizing the Karate event in Minsk, Belarus in the framework of the 7th IMG.

Dr. Viatcheslav Timofeeve, senior vice-president of the WKC has already invited to the WKC programme in Minsk the karate players of many countries such as the US, Russia, Belarus, the UK, Latvia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, etc.

Now holding other positions of the president of the Karate Federation of Russia (KFR), member of the WKC Referee Commission and referee, he is responsible for expanding the WKC in Asia and the Eastern Europe. 

While showing his interest in the IMGC activities, he informed the IMGC HQs that he would participate in the Torch-Lighting Ceremony for the 7th IMG.


Yours in Martial Art


Information Department



Information on 7th IMG (No. 1)

The international martial arts organizations that intend to participate in the 7th IMG are the following (till May 4, 2017):


IMGC Members:

1.    International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF)  

Open Cup of CIS&World Cup ITF Taekwon-Do Championships

2.    World Muay Federation (WMF)

WMF European Championship

3.    World PangrationAthlima Federation (WPAF)

World Tournament of Pangration

4.    International Jendo Federation (IJF)

IJF International Open JendoArnis Championships and Seminar Workshop for JendoArnis Referees, Judges and Coaches

5.    World Karate Confederation (WKC)

6.    International Federation of Tai Chi Chuan Association (IFTA)

7.    World Judo Federation (WJF)

8.    World Jiujitsu Confederation (WJJC)

9.    World Federation of KowatAlrami and Self-defence (WFKA)

KOWAT ALRAMI World Championship



1.    International Council of Sqay (ICS)

1st Sub-junior World Championship

2.    Australian Mixed Martial Arts Sports Association (AMMASA)

Mixed Martial Arts Demonstration

3.    World Pahuyuth Federation (WPF)

4th World Pahuyuth Championship


Yours in Martial Art

Information Department


IMGC Meeting in Tallinn- 2017


IMGC Headquarters is convening a meeting in the beautiful city of Tallinn, Estonia from 11th to 12th February 2017 with the attendance of the IMGC EB members including Prof. Ri Yong Son, President of IMGC and the International Taekwon-do Federation, Dr. Paul G. Hogland,  Vice-President of IMGC and President of the World Jiujitsu Confederation, Mr. Kim Myong Gun, IMGC Sec. General and also representatives from other international martial art organizations including the World Karate Confederation. The meeting will be discussing the coming 7th IMG in Minsk at the end of this year and other pending issues for IMGC development. It is expected that this meaningful gathering will be of great opportunity to provide more conducive environment for the 7th IMG and, further, to give fresh impetus to the international martial art movement thereafter.

The meeting will take place during the Estonian Open Martial Arts Games sponsored by the Estonian Taekwon-do Union under the presidency of Mr. Mikhail Kolvart, IMGC EB Member and President of the Estonian Martial Arts Union. He organized the 4th IMG in Tallinn in 2011 with big success.


Yours in Martial Art

Information Department


IMGC and ITF President Prof. Mst. Ri Yong Son Pays a Visit to  Mrs. Choi Chun Hi, the Widow of Late Gen. Choi Hong Hi


Prof. Mst. Ri Yong Son, President of the IMGC and the ITF, met Mrs. Choi Chun Hi, the widow of late General Choi Hong Hi, Founder of Taekwon-Do & First President of ITF and IMGC, in Toronto, Canada.

Mrs. Choi Chun Hi together with GM Choi Jung Hwa, son of late Gen. Choi Hong Hi, and Mr. Eum Joon Shik, the Special Adviser to General Choi Hong Hi during his life time, received Prof. Mst. Ri Yong Son and his party at her residence in Toronto.  ...

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Kündigung des Vertrages


Dr. Fritz Wendland

Stegmannstr. 18  – 38108 Braunschweig             

Firma: Strato AG        (Pascalstr. 10,    10587 Berlin)     




Applicants to IMGC


International Sports Kung Fu Federation(ISKF), World Federation of Kowart Alarmi and Self Defense(WFKA) and International Council of Sqay(ICS) expressed their intention to become a member of IMGC.

 EB Meeting to be held in Pyongyang, June 2016


IMGC Executive Board Meeting is due in the middle of June 2016. After New Delhi Meeting, IMGC EB Members will be meeting again in Pyongyang, DPR Korea for further promotion of International Martial Art Movement and for friendship and solidarity among different martial artists. EB Meeting will discuss venue of the 7th International Martial Art Games and others. The EB meeting will be accompanied by the other functions: the 14th Memorial Service to late Gen. Choi Hong Hi, Founder of Taekwon-Do and Founding President of IMGC and the Commemorative Ceremony for the 50th ITF Founding Anniversary, etc. These events will help the participants to have a broader view on IMGC. Three new international martial art organizations recently expressed their intention to participate in this eventful meeting as observers and to join IMGC. Visitors will also witness new sights of Pyongyang.