29th November


2015 EB Meeting



3rd DECEMBER 2015

2011 EB Meeting

IMGC EB meeting was held at the Europa Hotel in Tallinn, Estonia on February 23, 2011. Participated at the EB meeting were IMGC EB members; Mr. Chang Ung, IMGC President, Mr. Leong Wai Meng, Secretary General, Mr. Fritz Wendland, Mr. Norman Law, Mr. Khor Eng Chor, Mr. Mikhail Kolvart, and some officials from the IMGC HQ as observers. 

The main items of discussion of the EB were the amendment of the IMGC Statutes and Bye-laws, arrangements of the 6th Congress, affiliation of new member IFs and suspension of the membership and the recall and by-election of the IMGC leadership members. 

2009 EB Meeting



The IMGC EB meeting was held in Pyongyang, the capital of DPR Korea on Aug. 31st. The meeting was attended by Dr & Prof Chang Ung, President of IMGC, IMGC EB members in the Celebration. In the meeting, there was an in-depth discussion on several important agendas for the future enhancement of the IMGC workshop including the criteria for the membership, relationship with SPORTACCORD, the role of NMGCs, appointment of the chairpersons of the Sub-commissions, recall and by-election of the EB members. 

2008 EB meeting


Took place at the Manhattan Hotel, Bangkok during the Games.

The meeting was attended by Prof. Chang Ung, the IOC member and the president of ITF, Dr. Leong Wai Meng, secretary general, Mr. Ri Yong Son, deputy secretary general of IMGC, and the following executive members of IMGC, Dr. Fritz Wendland, the founding president of the World Karate Confederation, Mr. Eddie Jacobsen, the president of the International Haedong KumDo & TangSooDo Confederation, Mr. Abid, secretary of the World Oriental Federation, Norman Law, the president of the Hong Kong Martial Arts Games Committee, Kevin Loyd, the vice president of the World Muaythai Federation.

In the meeting they reviewed the activities of IMGC after the Pyongyang executive board meeting (June 2007) and discussed the practical matters about the procedures of the 5th Congress of IMGC, and the election of the new leadership of IMGC.

There was a debate on the revision and supplement of the IMGC Statutes and it was decided that the basic principles of the then prepared statutes would be recognized and abided by provisionally.


After discussion they came to a conclusion that the statutes would be approved by the 5th Congress and that the sub-articles of the statutes should be completed through further consideration. 

2007 EB Meeting 

The consultative meeting prior to the IMGC EB meeting was held on June 17, 2007 at the Koryo Hotel, Pyongyang, DPR Korea.

At the meeting, the revision of the IMGC Statutes & Bye-Laws one of the EB Meeting Agendas was mainly discussed on.

The IMGC EB members, GM. Dr. Leong Wai Meng, Secretary General, Ri Yong Son, Deputy Secretary General, Edward Jacobsen, President of the International Haedong Kumdo & Tang Soo Do Confederation, Norman Law, President of Hong Kong NMGC, Dr. Fritz Wendland, the founding President of the World Karate Confederation, Master Mohammed Hassnuddin Abid, the World Oriental Federation, Master Suresh Gopi, President of India NMGC and other IMGC HQ members took part in the meeting.